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    Visionary Structure Concepts

    Rigorous Industry Testing

Innovation and Custom Design

The demand for instant structures and shelters has been on the forefront of our objective. We believe in service, reliability and great products to suite all your needs. Our systems are manufactured with the greatest of pride and care to give you a superior product and positively reflect your company or event. Custom Branding is available as well. These structures are light weight, cost effective, eye catching, compact shelters that can be rapidly loaded, deployed and installed. We pride ourselves on “Innovative Design Solutions” for even the most challenging work environments regardless of your application and look forward to meet with you to discuss your projects.

Composite Extruded Structures

We are proud to introduce a new generation of buildings systems that outperforms many conventional structures in design, versatility, applications, ease of assembly, insulation performance and value for your money.

Why choose “Composite Structures”?

Our systems have been tested in Hot and Cold Climates as well as extreme environments where high humidity, potential for mold/mildew, chemical resistance and high insulation values are essential, Our system is available for clear span widths up to 50ft, (15 meters) and can be virtually any length.The structures do not require any additional finishing inside or out, saving time and money.Engineered to exceed building regulations for Wind and Snow loads by more than 5 times Whether you require foundations or slab on grade construction, we are the alternative No heavy equipment required for assembly and installation. Savings in labor cost on installations.

Our Prime Advantages

  • Assembly and installation time

  • Removal and relocation time

  • No heavy equipment requirement

  • No additional finishing inside or outside

  • Easy to sanitize & sterilize

  • Inert to salts and chemicals

  • Highly insulated if required

  • No permanent foundation requirements

  • Meets conditions for hot and cold climates

  • Ships as component system for assembly

  • Cost competitive

  • Indefinitely expandable

  • Evolution through research and testing.  Better products, less time, higher performance, energy-saving, eco friendly,  because we value our customers and our environment.
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