Functionality & Design Options

Our structures are designed to be assembled quickly and easily for maximum performance and stylish impact. We pride ourselves to produce the finest construction materials that outperform steel, wood or concrete.
  • Wall sections can be insulated with EPS, Fiberglass Batts, or Sprayed Foam Insulation

  • Structural members do are fire resistant

  • Minimal outgassing of materials
  • Versatile Foundations

    Our Foundations are particularly cost effective and 80% faster than conventional concrete foundations. They are the ideal replacement for Preserved Wood Foundations as they do not rot or decompose with time. They do not absorb water and don’t support mold or mildew.

    The walls are significantly lighter than concrete foundation and require smaller footing and can even be installed on gravel footings.

    ATS Foundations are also suited for areas where soil bearing capacities are minimal due to the reduced weight of our systems. 

    Foundation walls can be preassembled and set in place by crane or even be handled with conventional manpower. 

    Interior finishing can be with conventional drywall or our special finish material. 

    High performance wall systems can be fabricated on site or pre-built at our factory. 

    Exterior finish can be pre-installed for quick and easy assembly or custom finished on site

    Floor Systems

    Composite floor and roof systems easily outperform all conventional joist construction.
    Floor System Advantages:
  • Lighter than wood or steel

  • Do not shrink or warp

  • Are easy to cut and fasten with conventional tools

  • Available in lengths up to 40 ft

  • Can carry far greater loads

  • Able to clear span most basements without beams

  • Much more cost efficient

  • Heat ducts can most time be installed through the center web reducing bulkheads and boxes

  • And so much more

  • Evolution through research and testing.  Better products, less time, higher performance, energy-saving, eco friendly,  because we value our customers and our environment.
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