Who We Are

Advanced Technology Structures Ltd is an Alberta Corporation that specializes in the development of new construction materials and building systems known as “composite structures”.
ATS has deep roots in the construction industry. Dieter Krohmer, Principal of ATS, has been active in the construction industry for nearly 40 years and has undertaken several product launches related to EPS forming systems and steel structural floors combining steel and concrete to optimized properties.

We have acquired extensive knowledge of building systems using construction medias such as steel, concrete, EPS forming systems, and wood frame construction. The drive to develop a new technology that is based on recyclable materials and is faster to deploy with prefinished surfaces was a natural extension to round out the construction portfolio.

Mission Statement

Develop building systems that are on the forefront of technology by capitalizing on the properties of composite materials and innovative construction methods utilizing EPS Insulation and Pultruded Fiberglass profiles.

Vision Statement

To lead the development of composite building systems and solutions and revolutionize the way we build to promote a greener future and secure our sustainability and longevity for future generations.

Goals & Objectives

Outline For 2023

Our company’s primary goals and respective objectives for 2023:

  1. Transition from initial product development to assembly of prototype, testing and certifications.
  2. Complete product development and be ready to meet market demands through prototyping and physical testing/verifications/certifications.
  3. Continue the development of enhanced composite materials for high performance structures.
  4. Further develop strategic alliances with global partners to enhance product knowledge, continue research and development and implement our structures for targeted market sectors.
  5. Obtain UL and Intertek testing of structural wall and floor assemblies

International Expansion

Expand across Canada and into international markets such as China, USA, using distribution licensing agreements and developing joint venture agreements with potential international parties.

Milestones Reached to Date

Major milestones and developments achieved to date are:

  • A Patent has been granted in Canada and the United States.
  • Additional patents are in progress
  • Commercial arrangements with potential partners and licensing under negotiations.
  • Material verifications have been completed.
  • Structural analysis and cross checks are completed.
  • A prototype building has been completed.
  • Letters of interest have been obtained from various industries.
  • Production molds for prototype are ready and have been tested.
  • Production equipment and agreement to fabricate are completed.
  • Structural testing equipment has been built and commissioned.
  • Engineering and performance testing for material components and assemblies have been completed
  • Marketing materials and first sales contracts have been completed

Research & Design

The designs, modeling and testing with FEA analysis were verified with data from University of Alberta and the Composite Innovation Center (CIC). Various physical testing and verifications are under way at this time and have substantiated the validity of the calculations and modeling. Testing for UL and ULC are contemplated for 20192023, however, the properties of the various components are already known to outperform the required specifications for the above testing and setbacks are not expected.

Since 2015, ATS has invested over $700,000 into research and development (R&D) to design and engineer instant structures and thus enhancing their knowledge to position the company well in competitive markets. A second generation of reinforced structures is anticipated to achieve larger spans than currently planned. ATS “In-house” engineering is working on the designs to complement existing models. ATS currently has a patent pending in both Canada and the United States.

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Advancing construction through innovation and testing to create highly efficient environmentally sustainable building solutions that utilize composite materials to promote a circular economy.
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