Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty?

Our products are guaranteed to be free of defect and workmanship for one year form date of delivery. We also certify that our materials will not deteriorate or delaminate under normal conditions when installed according to our installation manual and procedures. We offer 5 year warranty with 75 years life expectancy.

How long does it take to produce them?

They products are custom fabricated to order and while we try to have some stock in-house it is usually more efficient to order well ahead of time.

What insulation material can it be used with?

There are many options available, The most common is standard Fiberglass batt insulation. Other materials might be sprayed foam insulation, Expanded poly styrene (EPS) or others

What are the size limitations?

The only restriction is the physical size or handling or shipping. Generally this is 40 ft (12 meters) but in some cases we can supply even up to 48 ft in length.

What is the cost of shipping?

This depends on a number of factors. Generally it is less expensive to ship items that are lighter in weight and do not require heavy equipment for loading or unloading. Especially when compared to steel beams. However distance to the jobsite is also a big consideration when estimating a project.

Can I install it myself?

We have designed our system to resemble conventional construction as with 2x4 and 2x6 walls. We are replacing nails with screw fasteners that are just as easy to work with and much easier to take apart should you make a mistake.
Detailed instructions must be followed however and will be provided in our manual at time of placing an order.

How do I place an order?

Simply complete the contact information on the next page and be sure to include a message. Please see the link to attached photos or documents as well as PDF files.

Do you have P.Eng Certification In Ontario?

Yes we can get P.Eng certification in Ontario and other Canadian provinces and the US (except for California and Florida).

Who Engineers The System?

We currently engage a third party at this time and are working on our inhouse team to follow later in 2024.

What is the permeability of the system in accordance with OBC. Is an air barrier or vapor barrier required?

There is no requirement for a vapour barrier or moisture barrier on exterior. However some parties have opted for installation of Tyvec or similar material on outside. It is completely optional.

How do plumbing and electrical get installed?

We can cut designated channels to feed the wires/conduit, or it can be cut on site with a hot knife or various other means. The studs are predrilled for horizontal wire/plumbing feeds in a standard pattern.

Do you have NRCA/CSA/ULC testing for tall buildings?

We are in the process of arranging testing with Intertek for load bearing confirmations etc. This is a formality and in our own lab tests our product has out performed conventional materials.

Do you have ULC testing for fire ratings?

We are currently arranging testing with Intertek and will get UL testing instead of ULC testing however this is still an acceptable standard in Canada. In our self conducted lab tests our product has met all fire resistance standards for conventional materials.

Have you conducted any Acoustic testing?

As part of Intertek we are also currently arranging acoustic studies to be complete sometime in 2024.

What are the smoke and flame spread ratings?

These values are openly available for EPS foam and also fiberglass.

What is your Quality Assurance/Quality Control program?

Our QA/QC program has confirmed 97% accuracy and performance. (EPS currently by other parties).

What is your Quality Assurance/Quality Control program?

Our QA/QC program has confirmed 97% accuracy and performance. (EPS currently by other parties).

What is the lead time to supply your system?

Currently as of January 2024 we are operating with an 8-9 week lead time from production to on site.

Who installs the system? Do you offer training on the system?

We can train third party installers and provide recommendations for reputable parties we work with.

Can the engineer sign off with regular inspections and a certification bearing the seal of P.Eng to take responsibility for the design of the system?

Yes, The engineer will review the project at various stages of construction and can provide any necessary documentation.

Will they execute a commitment to general review if needed by the municipality?

Yes, We have typically met with the municipality to explain the product and process at application time.

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