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The Fiberglass I Beam Wall System is an innovative construction solution designed to deliver exceptional structural integrity, durability, and versatility. Comprising fiberglass I beams with U or C channel top and bottom rails, this system represents a breakthrough in modern construction.


The system is adaptable for a wide range of construction scenarios, from residential buildings to specialized industrial projects. Installation is efficient and straightforward, catering to both on-site assembly and prefabricated applications.


This innovative wall system is eco-friendly, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional construction methods. Its versatility in design and application allows for seamless integration into various building projects.


Engineered for longevity, the Fiberglass I Beam Wall System boasts a lifespan exceeding traditional construction materials, providing a durable and reliable structural foundation for up to 70 years.

Our Prime Advantages

Easy Install EPS Insulation
Rated  R30+
Class B 
Fire Rating
Can Be Made In Lengths
Of Up To 30 Feet
Low Amount Of Skilled
Labor To Assemble
Thermal Bridging
Smaller Footing 
90% Lighter Than
Steel Or Concrete
Faster To 
No Heavy 
Equipment Required
Impervious To Chemicals, 
Mold, Mildew, Moisture
CO2 Friendly 
Cost Effective &
Can Be Disassembled
And Reprocessed
Pre Fabricated

Wall System

Our cutting-edge wall system featuring fiberglass I beams, designed for effortless assembly and superior performance. Engineered for simplicity, this lightweight system requires minimal wood blocking and can be assembled swiftly with a handful of screws. With pre-fabricated EPS foam insulation inserts, it offers an air-tight, high-rated R30+ insulation seal, ensuring exceptional energy efficiency. Witness the ease of erecting an insulated exterior wall in mere minutes with just two individuals and minimal labor. Not only does our wall system prioritize efficiency, but it also minimizes outgassing and ensures fire resistance. Versatile enough to accommodate conventional insulation methods, it stands as a testament to innovative, user-friendly construction solutions.


  • Wall sections can be insulated with EPS, Fiberglass Batts, or Sprayed Foam Insulation
  • Structural members do are fire resistant
  • Minimal outgassing of materials

Roof System

Our state-of-the-art roof system, crafted with substantial 12-inch beams for unparalleled strength and efficiency. Designed for ease of assembly akin to our wall system, this innovative roofing solution offers a seamless construction process with minimal effort. Its adaptability extends to accommodating conventional flat roof systems while also enabling pitched roof designs for smaller residential structures. With its robust construction and straightforward assembly using a few screws, our roof system ensures swift installation, delivering exceptional structural integrity. Whether opting for a standard flat roof or embracing pitched roof variations, our system provides flexibility and reliability for a diverse range of architectural designs.


  • Roofs can be pitched or flat and accommodate conventional roofing systems.
  • Structural members do are fire resistant
  • Minimal outgassing of materials

Floor System

Our cutting-edge floor system, mirroring the efficiency and simplicity of our renowned wall and roof systems. Crafted with precision and reliability, our floor system boasts the same ease of assembly, utilizing sturdy components and a straightforward screw-based installation process. Offering seamless construction without the need for complicated pitching, this system delivers exceptional structural integrity for various architectural designs. Its adaptability allows for conventional flat floor configurations, ensuring a swift and hassle-free installation process. Trust our floor system to provide the utmost in reliability and efficiency, aligning with our commitment to innovative construction solutions.

Floor System Advantages:

  • Lighter than wood or steel
  • Do not shrink or warp
  • Are easy to cut and fasten with conventional tools
  • Available in lengths up to 40 ft
  • Can carry far greater loads
  • Able to clear span most basements without beams
  • Much more cost efficient
  • Heat ducts can most time be installed through the center web reducing bulkheads and boxes

Insulation & Utility Options

Our insulation and utilities system designed to seamlessly integrate into our construction technology. Our solid foam EPS insulation is engineered with precision, featuring grooves along the edges that effortlessly interlock with our innovative I-Beam studs. These studs are conveniently designed for accommodating utilities, allowing for easy drilling to accommodate plumbing and wiring needs. For effortless adaptation to your specific requirements, the EPS foam can be easily notched out using a simple hotwire cutter, ensuring a precise fit for pipes and wires. Should EPS foam not meet your preferences, our system seamlessly accommodates various conventional insulation methods such as fiberglass, batting insulation, or spray foam, offering versatility and flexibility for your construction needs.

Versatile Foundations

Our Foundations are particularly cost effective and 80% faster than conventional concrete foundations. They are the ideal replacement for Preserved Wood Foundations as they do not rot or decompose with time. They do not absorb water and don’t support mold or mildew.

The walls are significantly lighter than concrete foundation and require smaller footing and can even be installed on gravel footings.

ATS Foundations are also suited for areas where soil bearing capacities are minimal due to the reduced weight of our systems. 

Foundation walls can be preassembled and set in place by crane or even be handled with conventional manpower. 

Interior finishing can be with conventional drywall or our special finish material. 

High performance wall systems can be fabricated on site or pre-built at our factory. 

Exterior finish can be pre-installed for quick and easy assembly or custom finished on site

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