Functionality & Design Options

Our structures are designed to be assembled quickly and easily for maximum performance and stylish impact. Custom logos that are easy to apply can enhance your presence. Gable walls can easily be customized to accommodate translucent panels, vehicle entrance, man-doors, windows, or full aircraft folding doors. Translucent skylight rib sections can be substituted for the standard insulated panels on request. Our current system achieves spans up to 50 ft. (15 meters) however we are challenging spans up to 65 ft. (20 meters) and beyond. The length of the buildings is only restricted by your space availability and can be expanded at any time by adding extra ribs to the assembly. Interiors walls are easy to assemble and install, whether they need to be insulated or not. Foundation walls and Frost Walls are easy to install and are a fraction of the cost of concrete foundations. Dormer add on systems will be available shortly for your complete customization


  • Profile cross section voids are foam filled with non combustible material. R-34 rated.
  • No fuel contribution
  • No toxic off gassing


Versatile Foundations

Our extruded structures can be assembled on various types of foundations to suite any project.

  • Frost Wall Foundations
  • Strip Footings
  • Slab on Grade
  • Oil Rig Mats

Rendering 1

Rendering 2